We are reaching the end of the early token sale for DataBroker DAO and it has been one hell of a ride so far, and we are just getting started. We managed to sell over 311.000 USD worth of DATA tokens during the early sale with 220 token buyers participating.

As with all the economic modelling we have done for the DataBrokerDAO platform, the goals we set were both conservative and optimistic.

With the amount of tokens sold and the great progress we have made the last month, we are confident that we can push DataBrokerDAO and the DataBrokerDAO alliance to the next level to get ready for the launch of the main token before year end, as opposed to the six to eight months we originally foresaw when writing the white paper.

So a huge thank you from the team!

DataBrokerDAO team delegation at Gitex in Dubai. The home front was there in spirit 🙂

So what’s next?

The sale is still running for a few hours, and we would urge everyone interested in the platform to buy your data tokens right now, the 20% bonus for all purchases, big and small is too good to pass up.

Over the course of next week, we will be setting up the smart contracts to handle the referral payouts. We will also continue to interact with larger buyers to finalise custom bonus structures. If we are not talking yet, get in touch via hello@databrokerdao.com to set something up.

We will then focus on getting all of our ducks in a row for the main sale, the specifics will be communicated soon. In parallel to prepping the main sale, we will continue adding members to the DataBroker DAO Alliance to make sure the marketplace is fully active by the end of the main token sale.

DataBroker DAO has always been a practical business with enormous potential. We will continue to run it that way and we hope you join us on the journey!

The DataBroker DAO team.

Any questions, opportunities or partnership requests are welcome on any of these channels:

More info on https://databrokerdao.com