As we are working hard on the next iteration of the DataBrokerDAO platform, we are looking long and hard at the decisions we made in the past. As we had already identified in the current version of the whitepaper, there is a definite potential to improve the inner workings of the platform.

We do not want to make these improvements without getting the feedback from both our current DATA token holders and the broader community. That is why we will publish these proposals publicly and work together towards an optimal integration in the DataBrokerDAO platform.

We follow the Ethereum processes lightly for these proposals and as such kick off with DataBroker DAO Improvement Proposal #1 (DBDAO-IP#1) on the use of token curated registries to handle listing and curating sensor data streams and sets and to deal with reputation and accidental or malicious bad data sellers.

You can read the full proposal and soon follow the implementation of the smart contract system in our GitHub (DBDAO-IP#1)

We would love your feedback, either as a comment on the Github issue or on Telegram.

Any questions, opportunities or partnership requests are welcome on any of these channels: