We want to thank you for your overwhelming support. The community has been growing rapidly over the past few months despite a backdrop of extreme market volatility. We approach the start of the pre-sale Monday the 19th facing a high level of uncertainty in the crypto markets.

Many potential buyers of DTX have indicated that they are hesitant to participate in any transactions right now because of the current levels of volatility. To counteract the effect of this uncertainty on total DTX sales, the pre-sale period will be extended by one month, until the 26th of April.

To DTX buyers who purchase DTX tokens during the pre-sale period, we guarantee that any increase in the ETH price between their purchase date and the start of the public sale, will be compensated with tokens at the end of the public sale.

That said, we welcome any questions you may have on our Telegram channel (https://t.me/databrokerdao). We also would like to invite anyone looking for a more substantial volume arrangement to send us an email (matthew@databrokerdao.com (CEO) / roderik@databrokerdao.com(CTO)) or contact us on Telegram directly (MatthewVN / r0derik).