Belgium-based software company Esoptra, founded in 2017, delivers customized information access and integration solutions as a service. Their innovative IPaaS platform (Integration Platform as a Service) uses so called ‘pluglits’ to provide a new array of data access and migration services. These pluglits are tiny data connectors ‘scraping’ data from its sources, only when the destination (data) file gets consulted. Thus eliminating the need for intermediate storage and useless data migration. At a fraction of the usual cost, deployed in hours or days instead of weeks or months, deployed on premise or in any cloud, and rendered on any mobile or desktop device.

Esoptra’s platform and service offering can turn out to be extremely valuable for smart city projects and data aggregators worldwide. Right now, a task force is working on a test case in which they bring multiple IoT sensor data streams together in one stream. During these tests, data feeds of Yuktix live sensors in Bangalore were merged with those of live sensorsof Thingsplay in Belgium, without intermediate storage, resolving interoperability issues on the fly. Pretty exciting stuff, if you ask us.

The company’s mission — “disrupt the economics of information access by an order of magnitude, while unifying the user experience to boost usability” — is rather ambitious. Ambitious, but definitely not unrealistic, having a look at the founders’ track record when it comes to data and storage innovation. By joining the DataBroker DAO alliance, Esoptra gets access to a blockchain based layer to monetize their services.

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