The roadshow for the DataBroker DAO token sale got underway this past week and what a start! We have been well received in San Francisco and Vilnius in the past week and have had some great results that validate both our business model and our token economics.

First up was the CB Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Conference in San Francisco from March 22–23. We took the stage to share DBDAO for the first time in the US market and dove straight into the heart of many things innovative in the blockchain space.

There was a great line up of speakers and panelists with backgrounds from blockchain to VC to the SEC which brought in several hundred participants, more than 60 speakers, 30+ companies, about 20 of which were pitching for glory. I found the presentations of Alex MachinskyBernard Moon and Chance Du very informative and inspiring and the insights offered by Reese Jones of Singularity University and Glen Gow of Clear Ventures enlightening.

At the end of the first day, it was our turn to take the stage for the pitch competition. We were up against some “stiff” competition (inside joke for those who were there) and in the end, we were selected by the judges for the top spot! Judge Vince Kohli did the honours of presenting DataBroker DAO as the winner.


Matthew Van Niekerk (CEO DataBroker DAO), Vince Kohli (Startup judge & mentor MIT, Berkley, Stanford)


On Saturday, we didn’t take the stage but met some great folks at the Draper University hosted Fintech World Blockchain/ICO’s event in San Mateo and got to check out the great decor at the Hero City.


Hero City at Draper University, San Mateo, CA


Next up on the roadshow was Vilnius Lithuania, this time for the d10e Decentralisation Conference. Again, there were a number of great presentation covering several dimensions from legal to marketing to regulatory compliant execution of token sales. A great update on the blockchain based share registry plans of Vilnius was also provided by Jonas Udris. Quite a progressive approach!

The fun got started on the pitch front in the late afternoon and this time around, the stakes were higher as there was 100K EUR in prize money up for grabs and we nailed it! Well second is pretty good in my books against the tough global competition that took the stage. The 25K EURO prize money that we took home for DataBroker DAO will go to great use in getting us further along on the product roadmap.


Mago Tsanajev (Content Marketing) collecting the prize after winning 2nd place in the pitch competition.


In addition to the great response and reception of DBDAO in both San Francisco and Vilnius this week, are also getting some fantastic reviews:

4.6/5 stars on Track ICO

8.1/10 starts on ICO Marks

4.11/5 stars on ICO Holder

Looking at the ratings on these sites, a common theme comes through where we can improve and that is with social network and community activity. We will certainly double down on our efforts in this area and would like your help.

If you are a $DTX holder or a DataBroker DAO fan, please make your support heard and help us spread the word. Every bit counts to achieve our common objectives.

Coming up this week, the team is in Washington DC and Dubai for more events and we’ll keep you posted on how these go.

Any questions, opportunities or partnership requests are welcome on any of these channels: