We’re happy to announce the first exchange to list our DTX token upon release after the main token saleCoinFalcon, a smaller European cryptocurrency exchange based in the United Kingdom, will also be running a battle’ to give away 10.000 EUR worth of DTX to top traders on the exchange. DataBroker DAO community may be curious about CoinFalcon, so in this blogpost we spotlight the more important features of this exchange.

CoinFalcon’s History and Mission

CoinFalcon was founded by Jordan Steeves and opened its doors in October of 2017. The business is located in London, but Steeves is from Washington State and lives in San Francisco. CoinFalcon’s goal is to provide fast, straightforward exchange of cryptocurrencies, initially allowing the purchase of BitcoinEthereumLitecoin, and IOTA with a range of trading pairs. It is accessible by browser or smartphone and offers a community chatfeature for greater transparency.

Moreover, CoinFalcon has already leaped ahead in its quest to dominate the cryptocurrency space by being named AngelLists Breakout Company and rising to ProductHunt’s elusive top featured product.

CoinFalcon is a European exchange with a focus on service to citizens of the European Union. Under its sign-up disclaimer, CoinFalcon states the company does not accept residents or citizens of IranNorth KoreaSudanSyria, and the United States. Fortunately, we’re actively trying to get listed on numerous other exchanges as well, to cover some of these countries for our community.


Like with most respectable exchanges all deposits are free. CoinFalcon charges no network fee for Nano and IOTA withdrawals, and fees for all other supported currencies vary. They recently changed their trading fee structure and makers now have a 0% fee!

Service/Support Tickets

ConFalcon offers 24/7 live chat support. Additionally, CoinFalcon will attempt to recover cryptocurrency that is mistakenly sent to the wrong address for 20€. Of course, they do not guarantee results.

Try it out today: https://coinfalcon.com/?ref=CFJSCFYVCDKD

Other Perks

CoinFalcon stores more than 98% of the reserve cryptocurrency it holds in an offline secure wallet and offers two-factor authentication to its users via a downloadable authenticator app.

Buy with Euro
Buy cryptocurrencies by depositing euro’s first. For this you will need to verify your account like on most exchanges, which will take 5 min. approx.

CoinFalcon claims to offer instant trading. After testing the exchange, we’ve found this to be true.

More than 50 coins available
If you follow the exchange on Telegram you will notice a very consistent listing of tokens. Here you can find all tokens and cryptocurrencies that are available to trade on CoinFalcon.

Referal program
Invite friends and get 50% commission from their trading fees. Login to invite friends!

CoinFalcon appears to have a good reputation among users for its ease of use and low fees. They have added more options to their list of supported coins in the months they have been in business.

The disadvantages of CoinFalcon as an exchange are that it is not open to users from a number of countries, including the United States. Traders must also use cryptocurrencies and cannot deposit or withdraw in any fiat currency. This, of course, means that they do not accept credit cards or PayPal. The CoinFalcon mission statement focuses on serving as an alternative to modern banking and finance.

A great tip we would like to give to the community is to make sure to check the buying and selling price to avoid unfair prices. Due to the overly-simplified UI and sometimes low liquidity, inexperienced users may not know the difference in buy and sell price, leading them to simply push the buttonand trust that the transaction will be fair.

CoinFalcon vs. DataBrokerDAO

The community can look forward to DataBroker DAO debut in the early June after the main token sale, the right date is still to be determined but will be clearly communicated through all our social channels. We’ve also arranged a battle between traders to win 10.000 EUR worth of DTX. All the details about this trade volume competition will be communicated in the near future as well.

We’re aware that this is not a biggest exchange, but after seeing the impressive UI & UX we believe it’s a good choice for most traders. Furthermore, this is a great step forward to help us get listed on some major exchanges in the future.

Any questions, opportunities or partnership requests are welcome on any of these channels:

Telegram: https://t.me/databrokerdao
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DataBrokerDAO/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DataBrokerDAO
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/DatabrokerDAO/