With over 137 challengers from more than 17 countries around the planet, the competition for becoming a finalist in the Sandcastle Startups Challenge 2018 was very steep.

As the Annual Summit of the World Tokenomic Forum is approaching, these 137 blockchain companies have been narrowed down to 16 superstar finalists who will now compete in the Sandcastle Startups Challenge 2018 in Grand Cayman on May 9th 2018 (at 5:30pm the Grand Champion will be crowned!).

The caliber of applications was incredibly high, and the selected companies are representatives of at least one of the 2018 themes for this Annual Summit: Cybersecurity, Identity, Infrastructure/Mobility, Payments, and Social Impact.

The Sandcastle Startups Challenge Final Brackets-World Tokenomic Forum Annual Summit May 8–10 2018

The final 16 companies include: ClearFoundationTrue Reply, Smart Oil Consortium (stealth mode), Swytch.ioShoppers.shopIntiva HealthVinchain.ioMobile Bridge MomentumVertaloDatumrLoopBCT.ioCentareumFan TokenCryptyk and DataBroker DAO.

All finalists receive a competition package of services, earned media, hotel stay, food and beverage, and competitor-level access to the World Tokenomic Forum Annual Summit of members valued at over $15,000. Of course, the Grand Champion will walk away with something even more special — prizes valued around $250,000 in development services, advisory work, exchange listings and membership privileges.

The judges for this challenge on May 9th? A collection of the finest minds in blockchain technology from World Tokenomic Forum members and board advisors.

Judges include:

On the finalists for the Sandcastle Startups Challenge 2018, Chris J. Snook said: “We are absolutely blown away and couldn’t be happier with the caliber of these final 16 seeds and the top 22 overall that got us here to this amazing final list of challengers. The proprietary multi-round, high velocity format of two teams on stage in a head-to-head pitch battle and our innovative flurry-style final round will edutain and inspire the members at our Annual Summit. The competitors are also given a truly unique opportunity to demonstrate and connect with new deal opportunities during the closed session format of our Annual Summit of members.”

May the best win, and may the force be with DataBroker DAO and its founder and CEO Matthew Van Niekerk.

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