The last week has been a rollercoaster ride of opportunities and market price volatility. As we near the end of the planned $DTX sale period, we have spent a lot of time to plot our next course of actions.

We have decided to distribute two tokens for every one token purchased to date, but not to increase the maximum supply. Several questions arose from our community on our telegram channel about the handling of unpurchased $DTX (burn or not?) and based on the balance of the conversations and points to consider, we have decided that the fairest approach is to distribute most of these to our community.

This will support DataBroker DAO in getting to the optimal calculated tokens in circulation, while in no way decreasing the value of the ecosystem and in parallel upholding the value of all past $DTX purchases.

In practice, this will be an automatic procedure meaning that no additional action is required by current $DTX holders, you will directly receive an extra token at the end of the sale period for every token that you have in your possession (assigned to your address). This will result in 8000 DTX/ETH as the baseline conversion rate. These extra tokens will, however, be locked for 3 months after issuance.

At the same time, we are going on an additional roadshow in an until now unexplored market for DataBroker DAO, China. During a two week period, we will be in Beijing and Shanghai to present DataBroker DAO and are considering 2 additional cities for the roadshow. Our aim for the roadshow is to come as close as possible to our 108 million $DTX sale target.

It goes without saying that the market in China for IoT and sensor data is enormous, both on the manufacturing side and the buyer side for data. The Chinese market is immense. Estimates of the Chinese IoT market are CNY 500 billion (80 billion USD) recently, and it is expected to double to CNY 1 trillion (166 billion USD) by 2020. To enable these stakeholders to join the sale, we will be extending the main sale until the 30th of June.

As a result, we will postpone the listing on CoinFalcon until this extended timeline. Since CoinFalcon is mostly Europe based today, we are in the process of securing a listing on a reputable Chinese exchange as well. We will release more information when all the details are worked out.

On the platform development side, we are happy to announce that the long-awaited dataset feature, which allows data purchasers on the platform to sell processed data sets (AI, BigData, aggregation en enriched data), will go live on the dAPP this week. We believe that this extra monetization option will foster a self-reinforcing wave of innovation of unimaginable scale. We will be releasing a publication of additional DataBroker DAO buyer use cases that were recently brought to our attention in the very near future.

Our team, in collaboration with outside experts, are finalizing the contracts for release and are implementing a bridge between the Ethereum mainnet with the DTX token, and the Parity based proof of authority network that will run the application. We will be giving a more detailed technical overview of this solution soon.

Finally, as a purchaser of $DTX, if you have additional contacts in the Chinese market with stakeholders having an interest in data monetisation we would be very appreciative of your support in making an introduction on behalf of the team members heading to China (manufacturers of IoT hardware, telecommunications/gateway operators, smart cities, potential data buyers, manufacturers using IoT strategically). Please feel free to share these via DM in our telegram channel to the DataBroker DAO team.

With your already demonstrated support, we are firmly on our way to making DataBroker DAO a further success and sincerely appreciate your help in propelling us further.