These are the events where we’ll present DataBroker DAO soon! We are setting up private meetings with Matthew Van Niekerk, so feel free to contact us if you are interested!

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  • CHINA ROADSHOW, June 12–20, 2018:
    上海 Tuesday, June 12: meet-up
    Shanghai 上海 Wednesday June 13: IC Cafe blockchain event
    Hangzhou 杭 Thursday, June 14: Oversees Blockchain Exchange Conference
    Guangzhou 广州 Friday, June 15: Offshore Blockchain and Internet of Things Project Roadshow
    Shenzhen 深圳 Saturday, June 16: V-Club Blockchain Event
    Shenzhen 深圳 Sunday June 17: meet-up at the Xchains office
    Beijing 北京 Monday, June 18: meet-up
    Beijing 北京 Tuesday, June 19: RAVN & DTX event, organised by Wisely 
    Beijing 北京 Wednesday, June 20: Innovative Blockchain Project Investment Conference
    Beijing 北京 Thursday, June 21: meet-up
    Shenzhen 深圳 Saturday, June 23: Blockchain Innovation Summit
  • Rise conference, Hong Kong, July 9–13, 2018
  • SIBOS Sydney, October 22–25, 2018

Any questions, opportunities or partnership requests are welcome on any of these channels: