With IoT integrator Reekoh, headquartered in Australia, and German software developer digital worx, the DataBroker DAO alliance now has more than 20 worldwide members. And we are determined to increase that number significantly in the coming months …

Purpose-built for the Internet of Things, Reekoh is an integration fabric that brings together all your IoT devices, networks, data and enterprise systems. Fast to set up and agile to work with, it’s a highly scalable platform that securely ingests, messages and delivers data between devices and applications. Their IoT Fabric is helping enterprises to take control of their fragmented IoT solutions, unlock the full value of their data, and build capability for the future, whilst their Dashboard Studio allows companies to create fast, shareable dashboards to get a visual handle on their IoT and open data.

Stuttgart-based digital worx rightly calls itself a ‘software developer for a connected world’, creating all kinds of innovative digital products for industry, medical applications and trade. They develop apps for iOS, Android and Smart Watches, use Beacons to connect smartphones and the Internet of Things and create space for new application worlds and business processes for the IoT. And as one of the pioneers of Internet 4.0 they are leading clients to the next step of digital evolution.

In short, two companies that are making a substantial contribution to the further dissemination of the Internet of Things and the resulting mountain of valuable sensor data. Playing directly into the hand of DataBroker DAO, a decentralized marketplace for IoT sensor data.

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