In an effort to keep the community up to date with the work we are doing on the technical side, we will start posting regular development updates.

  • Thomas has started working further on the work by Stefaan Ponnet for the sidechain bridge for the DTX token. This week we should see a working PoC deployed so we can start testing it with real DTX.
  • Silke has been doing a lot of work to revamp our frontend code to run on webpack 4 with serverside rendering and code splitting, increasing the performance of the dAPP tenfold. Rebuilding the dAPP on top will take a while but is not blocking the launch since the GitCoin bounty to improve the current version of the dAPP was merged. This will be deployed this week.
  • Peter-Jan and Roderik have been working hard on the backend services. Due to the way a dAPP/dAPI can watch for events using Web3.js, we were running millions of filters at the same time overloading nodes and the backend code. We are moving to Ethers.js and an ingenious new way of keeping track of changes. We reached something close to feature parity with the previous version and are running it in our test environments to iron out all the details.

Next week Silke, Peter-Jan and Roderik will be in Salt Lake city for the Jimmy Song “Programming Blockchain” training organised by our partners at Medici Ventures.

If you want to join working on this project, either keep an eye out for our GitCoin bounties or hit me up on our Telegram!