The past few days, we noticed that some believers and supporters of the DataBroker DAO project were starting to get worried, because it has been pretty quiet on our side lately. Therefore, high time for an update of what’s going on at DataBroker DAO. Instead of talking development, we will be giving you a marketing update this time.

After the token sale ended, the DTX token was listed on CoinMarketCap and trading started on CoinFalcon and BitForex, we were able to focus on some other challenges to get our platform up and running as soon as possible.

Some examples:

· To jumpstart the DataBroker DAO platform, we not only need the developers to be ready by the end of Summer, but we also need to onboard enough alliance partners. Alliance members have large datasets, or they can put data streams up for sale. And as you know, without data we are nowhere with our platform.

· Today we have a little more than 20 organizations that are ready to onboard. A number that is growing as we speak. We’re now preparing this onboarding process, but as every alliance member is different, we have to do this one member at a time.

· To inspire a larger market, we are currently working on use cases: stories and examples that explain in concrete terms the possibilities and advantages of our platform. And in the meantime, we are trying to make our story intelligible for the different market segments or ‘verticals’ that we want to reach.

· Another challenge is that we have to send out a variety of messages. There are the early believers in the project that bought tokens, there are the early adopters (our first 20 alliance members), and then there’s the rest of the world. Because although right now we are focusing on IoT sensor data owners and buyers, everybody will be able to use our platform.

There will be more news to discover in the next couple of weeks, so we will be sharing small team updates every now and then in our Telegram channel and through our other channels.

Talking of Telegram … we would like to take this opportunity to give a big thanks to our community managers of Amazix for their valued contribution to our Telegram channel. A channel where you can ask us all your questions regarding DTX tokens and more. Not a big Telegram fan? No worries … you can always contact us at