We are happy to fill you in with the most recent DataBroker DAO news! We’re proud to announce our new alliance with Ericsson Belgium.

For many of you Ericsson needs no introduction, but we’re doing it any way. With 142 years of experience, they are one of the international leaders in ICT. By developing, delivering and managing telecommunication networks they provide hardware, software, and services to enable the full value of connectivity. From 5G to IoT, Ericsson is supporting digital transformation for the next generation of mobile services. Their Research and Development has got an outstanding reputation, so we’re more than excited to get down to business.

DataBroker DAO and Ericsson are going to explore test case potential at the 5G Life Campus which gives us the opportunity to explore the benefits 5G has got to offer for IoT usage. This inspiring and exciting environment is the perfect place to deploy new and exciting applications for DataBroker DAO. We’ll announce a more in-depth update soon, so keep posted!

Ericsson and Corda Campus partnered to open on January 17th 2018 the first 5G Life Campus in Hasselt, Belgium.



The 5G Life Campus located at Corda Campus, a technology park, is fully connected to Ericsson’s R&D center in Aachen, Germany where 5G development and international pilot projects are executed.

The aim of the 5G Life Campus is to provide industry players such as SettleMint and DataBroker with a test environment to develop and trial new applications using the latest technologies for the next generation of mobility, potentially years ahead of the expected commercial launch of 5G in Belgium.

SettleMint is an enthusiastic young Belgian company, focussed on making blockchain technology accessible for organizations. With Mint, SettleMint’s distributed blockchain middleware, it’s easy for IT teams to build and integrate blockchain applications. With DataBroker DAO, you can see Mint in action. SettleMint created this P2P marketplace that is ready to welcome enterprise level players buying and selling valuable IoT sensor data.

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