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SityTrail: never get lost again with this hiking GPS app

By | Jan 1, 1970

Finding your way around is crucial for any outdoor activity. For good orientation and to avoid getting lost, you need a good map. SityTrail offers a way-finding and tracking solution with the indispensable NGI topographic maps. It also allows you to find and share your trails, places and walks with the community.

High quality, rich topographic maps, at different levels of scale

SityTrail relies on by NGI to provide its customers with the highest possible quality that could make the difference. The details of the NGI topographic map are by no means provided by other maps in the public domain. is the topographical base map covering the entire Belgian territory at 11 levels of scale. The maps are updated several times a year. It is a complete map view, created for and adapted to on-screen display of the most recent reference data from the National Geographical Institute (NGI).

At the smallest scales, the generalised maps highlight only a few themes such as the administrative units or the main transport networks.

On the medium scale, one can find the typical topographical maps. These maps are characterised by the representation of the relief in the form of shadows or contour lines, a limited generalization, and the representation of a maximum number of objects that characterise reality in the field. These maps are a means of interpreting the terrain, determining its position and orienting oneself.

The largest scales, which are very detailed, are more like plans. These very rich maps are proven to be essential for safe operations by emergency services such as fire fighters, police, medical aid and civil protection.

About NGI

The National Geographic Institute (NGI) is the authority for high quality spatial data of Belgium. It is the Belgian public body in charge of spatial data production, integration and distribution. For the general public and professionals, it draws and updates a wide range of digital spatial products, as well as paper maps, and it establishes and maintains the fundamentals of any trustworthy Belgian map: the geodetic precision and levelling networks.

The NGI is the strategic partner of the Ministry of Defence in Belgium and abroad, with various specific map products (Low-Air map for aerial navigation, maps for military use, remote sensing, etc.) as well as expertise in geographical matters.

The NGI is the national expertise centre for geography, acting as the geographic reference at national and international levels, and manages also a documentation centre specialised in historical mapping and phototopography.

As a geobroker, the NGI promotes the re-use of public information while ensuring that all federal bodies can access reference geodata and geographical services for the whole Belgian territory, with regard to its own data and the ones made available by partner institutions.

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