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Buy and sell sensor data on the global market for local data

DataBroker DAO in under a minute

Companies around the world use sensor data to optimize and monitor their operations. The result is a single purpose data landscape. DataBroker DAO drives the evolution towards truly ‘smart living’ by making this data easily accessible to cities, organizations and entrepreneurs at an affordable price. Check out our video to learn more.


Use, Enrich & Resell data

Billions of sensors generate huge amounts of data. Some will be useful to make your business more efficient, others will open new business models for entrepreneurs. You might even think to enrich existing data and resell it to the marketplace.

Public Licence

No conditions of use

Engaged Licence

Requires the acceptance of a Data Share Contract between anonymous parties, with a minimum credit in DTX tokens.

Private Licence

Requires the acceptance of a Data Share Contract between a closed community, with or without a minimum credit in DTX tokens.


Control, Valorize & Monetize data

By listing your data on the DataBroker DAO platform, you will get control of how the data will be shared with open or private communities and business partners. A Data Share Contract (a blockchain based smart contract) will be used to agree on the conditions of use of your data and the terms of payment.

You can list both data streams and data sets on the platform:

Data Streams (push principle)

A data stream contains data from one of multiple data sources or sensors. It is pushed to all users having digitally signed the Data Share Contract.

Data Sets (pull principle)

A data set is a file containing data from one or multiple data sources or sensors. Rather than pushing the file, we provide the file location and the decryption key to all users having digitally signed the Data Share Contract.

Built-in dAPI interface

With its built-in dAPI interface, DataBroker DAO makes it easy for companies and telecom operators to share data. Leading IoT platform manufacturers and big data storage vendors have ready-to-use dAPI connectors.

As an extra offering, there are connectors to put the data directly in a hosted and shared Multichain (1500tx/s11) 
and BigchainDB (going up to 1mio tx/s12) network.

More information about our dAPI interface

Get started

We created a Sensor Listing Guide to get you started in 9 easy steps

How to buy and sell credits?

We have built the DataBroker DAO financial ecosystem based on the public Ethereum chain.

Traditional fiat payment processors charge between 1 and 3% for money in and money out, while a purchase using the utility token costs around 0.003 USD in fees for purchases of any size. Using a utility token over fiat currency also brings the advantage of 18 decimals. By combining these small fractions of the token with very low fees, real micro-transactions become possible.

The DTX token (CoinMarketCap: DaTa eXchange) is available for purchase on:


CoinFalcon is a European cryptocurrency exchange based in the United Kingdom.


BitForex is a leading digital asset trading platform headquartered in Singapore.

New to DTX?

1. Go to CoinFalcon or BitForex
2. Deposit Euros or Dollars
3. Follow the instructions given
4. Buy DTX tokens*
5. Start buying and selling data**

Make sure that you have enough ETH in your wallet to cover your participation as well as a small transaction fee on the Ethereum blockchain, known as “gas”.
** Go to the DataBroker DAO marketplace, and use the DTX token as currency to buy and sell IoT sensor data.

The token is also tracked on CoinMarketCap under the name “Data eXchange”. CoinMarketCap a site that provides various data about several listed coins, such as their price, available supply, trade volume over the last 24 hours and market capitalization.