IUNGO Network joins the DataBroker DAO Alliance

IUNGO Network joins the DataBroker DAO Alliance

April 22, 2018 it was announced that IUNGO Network has officially joined the DataBroker DAO Alliance.

On the release of the news DataBroker DAO CEO Matthew Van Niekerk stated “DataBroker DAO has focused predominantly on industrial IoT to date. A broadening of the scope based on an IUNGO partnership could certainly be mutually beneficial”.

According to IUNGO CEO Ricardas Bernotavicius “We are delighted to have taken a strategic decision to join the DataBroker DAO Alliance and to have access to their emerging data marketplace. This provides an additional potential future monetization option for IUNGO business customers and consumers. Additionally, there are strong future synergies from a technical perspective that can benefit both projects as we execute along our resective roadmaps”.

Going forward, DataBroker DAO and IUNGO Commercial and Technical Leadership will explore deeper synergies. These potentially include helping DataBroker DAO evaluate expansion beyond industrial IoT data into the Small to Medium Business and Consumer segments, and for IUNGO to explore IoT data collection, transfer and commercialisation via DataBroker DAO’s marketplace.

DataBroker DAO is the first marketplace to sell & buy sensor data. As a decentralized marketplace for IoT sensor data using Blockchain technology, Databroker DAO enables sensor owners to turn generated data into revenue streams. This will open up a wealth of opportunities for various industries. Data will be used and become more effective.

IUNGO Network is part of a movement to build the foundations of a new, decentralized internet by creating the world’s first truly global WiFi Network. IUNGO Network believes that internet access is a basic human right and will empower consumers in both emerging and developed markets while providing monetisation opportunities to businesses of all sizes and individuals.

Press contact DataBroker DAO: Els Meyvaert, hello@databrokerdao.com

Press contact for IUNGO Network: Paulius Siervicius, info@iungo.network

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Token curated registry, the DataBroker DAO way

Token curated registry, the DataBroker DAO way

Since the platform is built on revolutionary blockchain technology, we want to zoom in on some technical aspects. In this article, we’ll dive into a concept that is increasing in popularity: the token curated registry. We want to give you some insights into what this term means, and how we implemented it in DataBroker DAO.

There are a lot of great articles out there explaining the concept of a token curated registry (this one written by ConSensys’ Mike Goldin or this onecovering the Delphi approach to name a few). What they all describe, is the following:

  1. it lists something;
  2. stakeholders of the system determine the appearance/sorting index/…on the list

In practice, a certain amount of tokens (a stake) has to be locked-up to enlist something in the registry. The higher the stake, the higher the guarantee that what you put in the registry is of sound quality. Some TCRs put in place a voting system. A certain amount of users needs to vote that the (potential) listing is sound before it appears publicly in the registry.

Others opt for a challenging system, that allows users to mark a listing as bad.

The DataBroker DAO way

DataBroker DAO is built on the Ethereum network, powered by Solidity smart contracts.


For DataBroker DAO, we chose for the challenge approach. That way a sensor owners can add a new stream to the registry without having to waitfor the minimum amount of stakeholders to approve it. At the same time, users are still granted the opportunity to remove bad content from the registry.

Adding data

When a sensor owner wants to add new data to the marketplace, he will have to lock-up a certain amount in tokens (a stake) to be listed in the registry.If they want to, sensor owners can stake more DTX. This allows the listed streams/sets to appear more prominently in the listings (e.g., sorting, or additional badges in the interface). A higher listing improves the chances of the data being bought. At the same time increases the guarantees a buyer has that the data is of good quality and that it contains the advertised information.

Challenging data

A data buyer that is unhappy with the quality of data can challenge an entry in the registry by staking DTX tokens. The UI will mark this entry with a negative reputation score. In itself, it does not have any effect on selling of the data. Upon reaching a certain threshold of challenges, a DataBroker DAO administrator will check the data. Upon finding issues with the advertised data, its stake is distributed equally over all challengers and the DataBroker DAO platform wallet, and the entry is removed from the registry. If the data is deemed sound, the tokens that were staked by the challenger(s) get distributed to the data seller and the platform. This gives data sellers an incentive to maintain a good standing and to deliver data as advertised.

Data buyers are encouraged to report bad data to recoup the lost funds, and discouraged from reporting false challenges. The seller can reduce lost funds due to unfair bad reputation. The DataBroker DAO platform and its administrators are encouraged to handle these disputes quickly and efficiently and are rewarded for their time and effort.

Technical implementation

Since DataBroker DAO is an opensource project, the distributed API can be found on GitHub. For the scope of this article, we’ll zoom in on some parts of the Solidity smart contracts we wrote to power the DataBroker DAO token curated registry.

Enlisting data

The enlist method in the TokenCuratedRegistry.sol contract

We expect the amount of DTX tokens to be locked-up as stakeAmount , the price in DTX tokens as price and an IPFS-hash metadata for different extra properties we want to attribute to our listings.

After some checks and transfering the stake to the TCR contract to be locked up, we call a factory ListingFactory.sol that will create the actual listing for us.

We chose to create a separate listing contract to give us more flexibility later, because we want to add purchase subcontracts on these listing contracts. When the listing is created, we call another method on the TCR contract to actually add the listing to the TCR.

Raising a challenge

Check it out

You can check out our new discovery interface at https://dapp.databrokerdao.com/.

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Announcing the first members of the DataBrokerDAO alliance.

Announcing the first members of the DataBrokerDAO alliance.

Yutix is an IoT sensor manufacturer, based in Bangalore, India. The company creates next generation information systems for agriculture and environmental Monitoring. YUKTIX solutions can be used by farmers, growers, cooperatives and contractors or in Smart Cities to drive best practices, conserve resources and improve operation efficiency. YUKTIX provides a complete end-to-end solution. Meaning, just turn “ON” the sensor nodes and collect data on the YUKTIX SensorDB. Data distribution is also made possible via webhooks and REST API’s.

Which is how they tie in to the DataBrokerDAO marketplace, offering their customers an easy path to recoup some or even all of the costs of their purchases.

“We are happy to cross paths with SettleMint and to engage with blockchain technology over DataBrokerDAO. The integration was smooth and successful due to technical excellence. In a next step on our roadmap we intend to include a DataBrokerDAO “sell my data” option into our portfolio, as we realise this is a new monetisation opportunity for both sensor owners, data consumers and vendors”, said mr. Rajeev Jha — CEO of Yuktix (http://www.yuktix.com/)

On the buyer side of things we find the SENTHUS consortium from our homeland Belgium. The SENTHUS consortium is, supported by the Brussels regions minister of economy, working to make the capital city of Brussels (both of the country and of the entire European Union) a smarter city.

“We are excited to join the consortium with DataBrokerDAO. We admire the technological excellence, and we see the DataBrokerDAO marketplace as a crucial component to make IoT sensor deployments more sustainable” — said Fanuel Dewever, founder of Crowd Angels”

This following on the heels of the announcement by a federal minister that has pledged significant investments throughout the country to make each municipality and city “smart”.

More members will be announced soon, if you are interested in joining, get in touch via hello@databrokerdao.com

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How to check your DATA balance?

How to check your DATA balance?

One of the questions we have received quite often, is how can I check my DATA token balance. We have created a little guide to show you exactly this.

Your token balance via Etherscan.io

Browse to https://etherscan.io using your browser. Etherscan is a blockchain explorer and analytics platform for Ethereum, the blockchain which runs the DataBrokerDAO early token sale and DataBrokerDAO platform.




Enter your public address (NOT YOUR PRIVATE KEY!) in the search bar at the top. It should show a dropdown with your address like the screen shot below.


Etherscan search showing the search result for my address


After clicking on the address you will see all public information about your account. In the “Token transfer” tab you should be able to see all token transactions you have performed. One of those should mention the DataBroker DAO TOKEN.



At the top, you will also find a token tracker dropdown. It holds your current balance of tokens.

Your balance of the DataBrokerDAO token is listed here. You can find more information by clicking on the token. This is where you can find the transactions of DataBrokerDAO tokens that have resulted in your current balance.

Happy exploring!

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