DataBroker DAO now ready to rumble

DataBroker DAO now ready to rumble

At DataBroker DAO, we keep our word. As promised in our previous blog post, we are happy to announce that as of today our IoT sensor data marketplace is now up and running.

Are you tech-savvy, and interested in the ins and outs of our platform, we warmly recommend you this elaborate tech talk, expertly written by Peter-Jan Brone, one of our blockchain developers.

Meanwhile, we are feverishly onboarding our alliance members. This will soon result in a marketplace with valuable sensor data that can be bought and sold.

And to further promote our platform, we will be present at numerous fairs, expos and other events in the months to come. Should you be attending the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona (13–15 November) for example, combining the latest solutions and technologies with inspirational keynotes on improving life in cities, you are very welcome to pay us a visit at the Flanders Investment & Trade booth at the Fira de Barcelona.

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Counteracting the volatile crypto markets of March 2018

Counteracting the volatile crypto markets of March 2018

We want to thank you for your overwhelming support. The community has been growing rapidly over the past few months despite a backdrop of extreme market volatility. We approach the start of the pre-sale Monday the 19th facing a high level of uncertainty in the crypto markets.

Many potential buyers of DTX have indicated that they are hesitant to participate in any transactions right now because of the current levels of volatility. To counteract the effect of this uncertainty on total DTX sales, the pre-sale period will be extended by one month, until the 26th of April.

To DTX buyers who purchase DTX tokens during the pre-sale period, we guarantee that any increase in the ETH price between their purchase date and the start of the public sale, will be compensated with tokens at the end of the public sale.

That said, we welcome any questions you may have on our Telegram channel ( We also would like to invite anyone looking for a more substantial volume arrangement to send us an email ( (CEO) / or contact us on Telegram directly (MatthewVN / r0derik).

DATA is dead, long live DTX! And the release of the DTX token sale dates and terms.

DATA is dead, long live DTX! And the release of the DTX token sale dates and terms.

Today we are happy to announce the updated whitepaper and token sale terms.

The past months have been a rollercoaster interacting with current and upcoming DataBroker DAO alliance members on their needs for the marketplace. Out of those discussions we have modified our roadmap and feature scope for the first mainnet release, currently in development and planned to be deployed shortly after the token becomes tradeable.

All the changes we made, have been incorporated in the latest whitepaper on (translations will be released soon). Have a look and share your thoughts on Telegram (

DATA is dead, long live DTX!

With this update we also had to make a decision on the token ticker symbol. As our early token holders know, a duplicate ticker symbol exists which makes a lot of crypto tracking applications fail. We decided on a new ticker symbol DTX, from DaTa eXchange.

We will be migrating all our current holders to this new ticker at the end of the token sale. We also want to thank our earliest supporters and will distribute an equivalent of their original ETH investment, compensating the rise of ETH over that time. And we will offer them a bonus rate of 60% to guarantee their original advantage.

Dates and terms for the token sale

The total supply for the DTX token is 225.000.000, just like the DATA token. The reasoning behind this amount stays the same and is described in the whitepaper.

We will lock up 30% of these tokens for 3 years and an additional 5% of the tokens will be released to new team members over 4 years, effectively decreasing the supply to 146,250,000 DTX.

As before, we are employing a complete KYC procedure by IdentityMind Global. Filling in the pre-registration form on the website will validate your information live. It might ask for an ID/Passport scan. On completion of the form, the procedure is completed and you can purchase DTX tokens.

Pre-sale starts March 19th, 2018 4PM CET

The presale phase of this token sale event starts on March 19th, 2018 at 4PM CET. During this presale a 50% token bonus applies (amounting to 6000 DTX/ETH) and the minimum purchase amount during this period is 10 ETH.

Main sale starts March 26th, 2018 4PM CET

The main sale will start March 26th, 2018 at 4PM CET.

The sale will run for 4 week. The rate for this phase is 4000 DTX per ETH. In case of a significant ETH rate change leading up to the sale will cause a recalculation according to the same formula used in the whitepaper.

Only on the first day a 10% bonus will be awarded. Before and during the token sale, a referral system is in effect. Contributions via a referral link will result in a bonus of 5% of the tokens sold via a referral link.

Trading starts April 30th, 2018

The tokens will be issued and be tradable 1 week after the sale ends (April 30th, 2018).

At this point in time we have a commitment to list the DTX token on at that time and are identifying one or two more exchanges to list it on, by that time.


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