Smart cities: a world of opportunities for data

Smart cities: a world of opportunities for data

In our mission to extend the DataBroker DAO Alliance, DataBroker DAO last week attended the Agoria Smart Cities Forum, a one day conference and exhibition covering the smart cities ecosystem encompassing digital communication and security, smart homes and buildings, smart districts, smart energy and smart mobility. Over 20 visionary speakers gave a unique insight into this complex matter and more than 20 exhibitors demonstrated how data can be used to optimize city management.


Bart Steukers, Director Industries & Markets at Agoria — © Agoria


As in the rest of the world, Belgian cities and municipalities are faced with numerous challenges. Mobility, aging, city densification, climate change, resource scarcity and digitization, just to name a few. A smart city is a city that uses smart technology and integrated data to increase the quality of life and comfort of its citizens and to optimize urban processes and services while respecting economic, social and sustainable aspects.

Our cities and municipalities are already contributing, but there is still a lot of untapped potential. If there is one thing the stakeholders and visitors of the Smart Cities Forum agreed on, it is the fact that data is the main driver of innovation and intelligence in smart cities. And it looks like cities as well as vendors are open for data brokering. And this where DataBroker DAOcomes in.


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