Smart cities will be built on data

Smart cities will be built on data

Smartphones, wearables, cameras, smart energy meters, sensors, … they all generate a continuous stream of data. Data that can be extremely valuable for city and municipal authorities to support their policy and to increase the comfort of their citizens.

If you don’t believe us, believe Agoria. In a recent 24-page whitepaper, aimed at local policymakers and downloadable on their website, they explain why data will be the building blocks for the cities and municipalities of the future. The whitepaper guides them through various themes that are inextricably linked to data, provides numerous tips & tricks and lets them check out where they stand in their data policy.

The main message is that data is everywhere. In a smart city, data is integrated across the policy domains and is seen as an essential part of proactive decision-making, a holistic vision and an organizational advantage. The data of utilities, public transport companies, local authorities and private data are all connected to each other. Traditional networks and services become more efficient thanks to digital technology and collected and integrated data. And real-time sensors collect data that is immediately interpreted, enriched with data from other sources and visualized, ready to use.

But the whitepaper also points out that, in order to evolve to a smart city, not only data is required, but a solid data architecture as well. Determining how data is processed, stored, and delivered, in order to reuse the information for new products and services and make it available to its ecosystem. This data architecture must meet a number of requirements so that it can be used in a smart city context. It has to be flexible, user friendly, open, evolutionary, secure, interoperable and easily accessible. And these are the same criteria that apply to DataBroker DAO, the first marketplace for selling & buying sensor data.

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