Wireless solution specialist Option joins the DataBroker DAO Alliance

Wireless solution specialist Option joins the DataBroker DAO Alliance

Option, headquartered in Leuven, Belgium is a publicly traded tech companythat specializes in wireless solutions enabling machine to machine communication. With over 30 years of experience and many industry firsts, the company offers efficient, reliable and secure solutions across a variety of industries and applications. In 2005, Option was named ‘Company of the Year’ by Ernst & Young. The company has offices in Europe, the United States and Australia, and boasts an impressive customer portfolio historyfeaturing the likes of Sharp Corporation, Fujitsu Siemens, T-Mobile, Cingular Wireless (now AT&T), Vodafone, Orange, Airtel, Telstra, Acer and Samsung Electronics.

Recently the company shifted focus from mobile and wireless chipsets to devices to support communication between IoT sensors and the internet. CloudGate, their complete machine to machine communication platform, allows anyone to deploy IoT sensor arrays in any environment, anywhere in the world. With connection options through WiFi, Ethernet, USB, RS232, RS485, Digital I/O and Analog I/O, virtually any device can be connected. The possibilities are endless. Think of climate control, street lighting, fleet monitoring, shared bike rentals, smart metering, traffic control, independent living and much, much more.

Looking at the DataBroker DAO architecture, such a CloudGate box is, in essence, a gateway operator providing the connection between the sensor and the sensor owner. By tying in the DataBroker DAO marketplace and distributed API to these boxes, anyone deploying these CloudGate devices gains the opportunity to quickly sell the data they collect globally, without the need for intermediaries.

Option’s CloudGate Ecosystem
With CloudGate M2M Solutions Option delivers a complete, value-centric ecosystem of operators, hardware partners, application partners, AEP partners and systems integrators to the M2M marketplace. And from a certification standpoint, Option has you covered worldwide.


Option’s Ecosystem Partners


We are immensely looking forward to exploring this integration further over the next months and to learning from such an established and global playerin the mobile communication sector.

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